Ásatrú. Recon-derived. Lawspeaker for Sökkvabekkr Kindred.
3 of March, 2014

I got tired of cleaning ash off of the altar a long time ago, so I decided to make a bottle incense burner. Rather than set aside the Yggdrasil burner I’d made previously, I glued it to the front of the bottle and, um, bedazzled it. As previously noted, it’s far from perfect, but I’m pleased with the result.

I put the incense burner on the altar, lit it up, and then made offerings to Loki and Þórr. Loki got Fireball; Þórr got Kraken because I had the distinct impression that He wanted it when Lokavinr and I were at the store last week.

Loki only seems to want me to drink with Him sometimes, but Þórr always does. So I tried the Kraken for the first time and…well, I still have no idea why Þórr asked for it, but it’s really very good.

Posted 6 months ago
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