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30 of September, 2014

Yes, please unfollow me when I post about how terrible my life is; that really helps.

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30 of September, 2014

I know you’re just trying to help, but when has “tomorrow may be better” ever helped ANYONE?

I am not okay. I don’t want to talk; I don’t want a hug (unless it’s from A, but she lives out of town and that’s not really possible); I don’t want a drink; I don’t want a fucking cookie. And I feel like a terrible person for saying all of that, because I know my friends are trying to help me feel better. But they can’t.

I’ve long ago gave up the idea that I would ever have a job that treats me like a human being. I’m also finally letting go of the pipe dream of ever having fulfilling work again. I just want a job that pays me enough to live on in this fucking town, and that recognizes and responds appropriately when I tell them what I need in order to do my job, instead of just citing a million regulations that I have to follow and not giving me the tools to comply with any of them. Before I moved out here, I was at least paid adequately, although that job was horrible in most other respects. Since moving to the midwest, I have never had any of the above-mentioned basic needs met at work. It has been more than seven years. I don’t even know what to do anymore. I just want to scream and run away and find a hole in which to die.

But that’s not an option, so instead I’m just trying to cry quietly enough in my office that my coworkers can’t hear me.

I fucking hate crying.

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30 of September, 2014

TFW you delete a status about your job and (complete lack of) work/life balance because you’ve decided it’s too depressing for Facebook.

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*velociraptor screech*

26 of September, 2014


Like, more than my regular Mjölnir does, as much as I love it. I would actually wear this every day, all the time. Gonna have to start saving for it now.

(The same shop also has a Sleipnir skeleton and many other 3D-printed fantasy/mythological skeletons and jewelry pieces! I am impressed.)

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how we must seem to them.

blighted flower petals. fading light.
a fleeting fragrance in cupped hands.

fragile leaves with fragile veins.

you will carry eternity under your tongue:
a wish, a kiss, a prayer. a petition.

you will look for the answers in stones
and birds and bones and the growth of moss.
the fox that cries. the music you do not play.

you will eat wild locusts and honey, you
wear your love like chains around your neck.
like a locket. like a noose.

it isn’t enough. you cannot taste their light.

you cannot balance a scale with a single feather
and all the gold in the universe.


- natasza stark, how to love a god, part i. (via anexpansionlikegold)

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24 of September, 2014


I was secretly hoping that, after the last “Thor” movie came out, there would be another big burst of new Lokeans, but I didn’t notice any such influx of newcomers that was clearly tied to the movie (perhaps the previous films, esp. the Avengers, kind of cleared the deck, as it were, and most people who saw the Dark World had already seen the previous films).

It’s a shame; Nokean tears are so delicious.

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- Question from Anonymous -
Loki is shown as short sighted and focused on his own personal gain above all else. His positive contributions almost always come in form of apology or repayment for fucking something else up. I've dealt with people like this in real life, and I'm sure as hell going to stay away from a deity like this and anyone who worships him. Does this mean he's evil? No. Do I have to respect him or his followers? No. Not everyone wants that kind of energy in their lives; accept it and move on.


"Do I have to respect him or his followers?"

Here is where your fallacy lies, anon.

Nobody is forcing you to invite Loki into your life. Nobody is telling you that you have to actively honor him or build a relationship with him. But if you are going to actively exclude people or disrespect them because of the deity they choose to honor, you are a narrow-minded bag of shit.

You can have opinions about a god and make personal choices about your own practice, but the whole “my hall my rules” mentality shouldn’t extend to how you view and treat other people.

Think of it like this: You can have sex with whoever you want (with consent and proper legality) whenever you want and nobody has the right to judge you. You can choose to abstain from sex whenever you want, and nobody has the right to judge you. That is because these are personal choices about your own personal body and relationships, and you have the right to do whatever you choose with it.

But the second you start shaming other people for what they do in their personal lives or refuse to respect them as people because of it, you’ve got a fucking problem. If you stay away from someone because of personal choices that have no bearing on you whatsoever, you are an asshole.

(And, for the record, I have never heard a convincing story about Loki -messing- with someone simply because they came in contact with one of his followers)

I can respect your own personal choice to avoid Loki in your practice, but I will not pretend you have the right to shame, disrespect, or fight to exclude those who worship him. I respect your right to make choices about yourself. If you refuse to respect mine, you are the one with the problem.

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Heathens and Norse pagan peeps, sound off!

20 of September, 2014


For a friend who needs some ideas about where to go for info.

I’m Ásatrú and Loki is my fulltrúi. :)

(via johannfaust)

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19 of September, 2014


Important thing to remember when reading Norse mythological materials: you’re not reading eyewitness testimony. The writings aren’t the product of the Gods physically manifesting in front of a scribe, who promptly wrote them all down.

We’re talking about oral lore that was only written down later. These are stories, told between members of the same culture and time period to one another, and thus products of that time period and culture. They’re going to appear in the contextual framework of that setting, and that includes whatever problematic things were a part of the culture in that time period.

Or, to put it in another way, who’s telling the story? Look at fandom debates, for instance. People may say they like, oh, Captain Kirk. Someone else may jump on that fan, basing their dislike of the character on the Reboot stories where Star Trek is more problematic, while the fan might be thinking of the older stories. Same sort of deal with Doctor Who fans who might have liked some seasons, but began to dislike the character interpretations when a new person took over and steered the show in another direction.

The texts are, in a very real way, treating the Gods as characters. Yes, we’re deriving information about the Gods and various other things through these stories, but you have to remember these are stories, and the storytellers have an impact on what is being presented and how it is being presented.

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15 of September, 2014

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